woke up so sleepy and so hungry couldt see good and walk is funny went to kichen and evreythin taste bad couldnt open cans adn got mad and threw cans and holler then go outside for look not thinking good like awake for 2 day and saw naybor girl from dwon stiars she say hello you ok and i not evn think and grab her and bite neck meat and blod so good and eatng is good and then i stop and say what is this what am doing why i kill naybor and go home bcuase i can write agin i know and rmember huw to turn on compoter i am wwriteing story abut great advnture and love but words arnt all rite and then am thinking in fog again and hhungry so hungry so go out agin past naybor and go with a crowd adn we find peple and we kill eat lotsof em adn i feel reely smarter and think to check on brothr and graanmuther and driving is hard but they are not there and dog is sick and dirty and i wash her then we eat kitty then i go home takes long time becase forgot car and sometms forget how going home but stop and eat and remember agin and wehn get home help naybor lady eat othre naybor lady then go home and rite agin i think meat help brain work or make brain able think of thngs that not food so i shuld eat many peples so i wriet i wiish i had laptp compotr so i cary it eat and rite and not have walk bak home but must go bfor all peples gon and no more eat and no more write