Overheard at the big roleplaying game convention going on in my head:

"I once had this really, really great character, ya know? He was an eight-foot-tall paladin with 20/00 Strength and 19 Dexterity, and he didn't really worship any gods, he was just foolin' everybody, that way he could kill anyone he wanted, and he could cast spells, too. He had a +20 Axe of Troll Slaying and a +5 Warhammer of Orc Slaying and a +50 Sword of Demon Slaying! And he had a magic ring that made him invisible and indestructible and granted him infinite wishes. I remember one time he killed every single person in a village 'cause they were giving him trouble about starting bar fights. Yeah, he got killed when all his magic items stopped working and he got ambushed by a bunch of dragons--that DM was such a cheater..."