Killed: Alan Smithee's writeup in Using "Porn" as an adjective. It was a really lame joke, and the anonymous noder admitted that he used the Alan Smithee account to avoid downvotes. THWACKOOOM!

Killed: kenata's writeup in The reasons why Jessicapierce should email kenata. He wanted her to e-mail him. Please try a /msg next time. Plus it was at -6, too... Also nuked the remaining nodeshell.

Killed: Demeter's writeup in Pictures of Everythingians, by request, without penalty.

Killed: writeups by Mighty_KC and dem bones (Ooooh, I'm so brave!) in Cloves. The first was pointless jibber-jabber, and the second was a correction of the jibber-jabber with a "This half of the node will self destruct in 24 hours" note.

Killed: Mighty_KC's writeup in Big Black Bag of Things That Hurt. More jibber-jabber.

Killed: writeups by Mighty_KC and electricbarbarella in Already a new Nine Inch Nails Album. The first was some jibber-jabber about Trent Reznor making a Fraggle Rock CD, and the second said she didn't believe it. Also deleted the nodeshell.

Killed: DMan's writeup in XP Pack Rape. First, it was deliberately offensive in ways that would've gotten a lower-ranked noder nuked without hesitation by any editor, regardless of their political affiliations. It was rude, hate-filled spew, and we are no poorer for its loss. Plus, part of his writeup read: "Go on, I dare you to nuke this node." Damn if I can't resist a dare.

Killed: writeups by everyone under The Exorcist and Movie Ratings. Both consisted merely of website addresses.

Killed: Eclectic Scion's writeup in Guns don't kill people, guns kill scum-sucking SOBs who had it coming. Total Content: "Guns don't kill people, guns kill scum-sucking SOBs who had it coming." Why, yes, that is utterly useless! Also nuked the nodeshell remaining.

Killed: amiawakeyet's writeup in I brake for... It was blank. Glared at the other writeup there, but decided to let it live.

Nodeshells zapped: A bunch of 'em, including: The definitive wiritings on the History of DMan, created by Shanoyu; What if Dman had been a gay militant vegan asshole?, created by mcSey;, created by tres equis; NUNS CAN SUCK IT!, created by archetype; those really hot asian girls who only hang out with other really hot asian girls, created by tftv256; goddamn nodeshell whiners, created by everyone; Fort Worth, created by OKolzig37; and industries, created by Deadfred, along with all the nodeshells found by Lord Brawl.

Also zapped a couple of nodeshells created through the everyone account by, apparently, DMan. Gist: He's still mad.