Killed: OKolzig37's writeup in Fort Worth. It read: "The full name of Ft. Worth". KRA-THOOOM! It's a nodeshell now, gaddamnit.

Killed: tkennedy's writeup in obey. It read: "the opposite of disobey". What's Ted Kennedy doing noding on Everything anyway? Git back to yore boozin' and yore floozin', boah!

Killed: tres equis' writeup in Young Frankenstien. It read: "The illiterati's idea of how to spell Young Frankenstein." KRA-THOOOM! Unsurprisingly, it's now a nodeshell.

Killed: Xebeche's writeup in lonely. It was blank. User now has no writeups.

((I also got to see mephistopheles' blowup. It was funny. He threatened to come after all of us when he got votes. He complained about uneducated people, then said, "Who the hell is Kurt Vonnegut?" Oh, how we laughed. Such good times.))

And I got my god powers installed today. Surprisingly painless, but I'm afraid to touch anything.

All these new buttons..."Honkify"? "Titillate"? "Order Pizza"? "Bomb Iraq"? You mean we did that?!