Well, kenata chose to replace the writeup that wharfinger rightly deleted in evil canadian bunnies on crack with an angry and off-topic (even for something about "evil canadian bunnies on crack") rant calling for the usual E2 Revolution (among other things, he wanted a consensus of 2-3 editors* before anything could be nuked. Great idea. Let's also have a consensus of 2-3 users before anything can be noded, eh?). Anyway, dannye killed it just before I could, but I zapped the nodeshell and cursed kenata for acting like an asshole. (One thing I do not understand is people who foment revolution over their right to node total crap. Are they that proud of their crap? Couldn't they just migrate to usenet? They really, really want crap over there...)

Killed: writeups by cult_zero in attrition.org, #!w00w00, galf, whoot, el8.org, Paul Vixie, w00lites, w00w00, and w00di. Most were rendered nodeshells and deleted. Deleted user, too. All suggested by ophie, who noted "They're all pretty bad." Ophie has a talent for understatement. Blessed her for suffering through all that stupid l33t-speak...

Deleted Users: jameshome and the famous Guest User.

Nate informs me that zapping Guest User was a bad, bad, bad thing. It means that no one can get on unless they're already logged-in. Mondo apologies. I've punched myself several times... NEVER, EVER, EVER DELETE GUEST USER, EVEN IF TREGOWETH SEZ SO!

Zapped nodeshells: Let's just say there were several.

Killed: writeups by everyone and IainB in Guns don't kill people. Guns kill every life form. The first was crap and needlessly threatening to other noders. The second mentioned guns once and otherwise talked about a sci-fi novel.

Killed: writeups by everyone, Magenta, and Serpentine in I just figured out how to abuse the new writeups column! With penalty for everyone, with mercy for Magenta and Serpentine. The two followups were just commenting on the original writeup. None of the writeups really told us how to abuse the new writeups column, dadgum it! --suggested by tregoweth.

Killed: everyone's writeups in jennicam, Kobe Tai, and Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. Each was just a URL.

Glared at: kolzig's writeup in Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.

everyone's writeup in someone is compulsively downvoting me. Suggested by tregoweth. 'Twas crude and rude. Ironic that someone used the everyone account to avoid downvotes on this one...

Stuff I spared: Tregoweth suggested nuking noders I like, but I let it live. I've seen so much worse...

*Like wharfinger sez, 3-5 editors is what he asked for. I was running on my memory. The memory in my tiny little editor's skull! So tiny it is! Look, it's like a teensy-weensy Skittle! Wheee!