Killed: Anonymous' writeup in Water tower. Total Content: "Water towers are large structures, generally urban and metal. They make excellent sniping spots." There were no links. Informed the user in the catbox that it needed work. Checked back about 12 hours later. No improvements. No mercy.

Killed: herbapet's writeup in automatic bazooty. 'Twas gibberish. Mighta been song lyrics, but ya sure couldn't tell from the writeup. Zapped the nodeshell, too.

Killed: herbapet's writeup in naked twister. Really dumb, especially compared to decent writeups already there. Claimed to have invented the game, which seems unlikely.

Killed: herbapet's writeup in twep. It was blank.

Killed: herbapet's writeup in onomatopoeia. Total Content: "another word that is an onomatopoeia is foop". And another one is THWACKOOOM!

herbapet's writeup in Vincent Price. NFN. Tried to say what the other writeups had said, but still got it damn wrong.

Zapped Nodeshells: anti wharfinger and mat catastrophe nodeshells created through the everyone account.

Glared angrily at: a bunch of herbapet's other writeups. Betcha a quarter he's huffing.

Glared irritatedly at: the recreation of E2 User Rights. It seems terse wants to resurrect holloway's "Kill All Editors" and "No Nukes for Anything Ever" campaigns. Betcha a nickel he'll be pulling an Asamoth before November...

Deleted Users: all of the ones listed in Lord Brawl's writeup above.

Zapped: anti-dannye nodeshell created throught the everyone account.

Killed: nisroc's writeup in General. Total Content: "George C. Scott's memorable hawk from the 1964 Kubrick classic, Dr. Strangelove." (deep breath) THE GUY'S TITLE IS NOT HIS FREAKIN' NAME! DIE DIE DIE! (pant pant pant)

Glared at: numerous writeups by SkogDooM. If there's not some improvement in a few hours, I'll kill 'em.