Killed: PaSTE's writeup in drinking a quart of chocolate milk in under 5 seconds. He said it was theoretically impossible, then jabbered a bit about quantum singularities and pelvic thrusts. It wasn't near as funny as it sounds. Also deleted the nodeshell.

Killed: cantsin's writeup in WALT DISNEY JR. GREETING. Babbled some crap about Mickey Mouse. Had nothing to do with the node, really.

Killed: VAXGeek's writeup in 2000 Server Advanced Windows. Gibberish. As far as I could tell, he wrote something up, then mixed the words around. So clever and yet so dead. Also zapped the nodeshell.

Glared angrily at: everything in E2 Poll: What was your first computer game? Mine was Pong. Now quick: Does anyone give a damn? Couldn't bring myself to nuke 16,000 writeups, even without penalty.

On second thought, I nuked it myself. I used mercy, so none of you 48 contributors have to complain. Zapped the nodeshell, too.

Killed: Saige's writeup (with mercy) under Saige is a stupid cunt and the nodeshell by DMan. Also Sarcasmo and icicle's writeups (without mercy--y'all should know better) in Fuck dannye, as well as the nodeshell by Sarcasmo. Any objections? I thought not.

A ching? Why the hell does this warrant a ching? Can't you guys look up some neat biography nodes to ching?