Killed: Jet-Poop's writeup in demonic. It read: "Of or related to McDonald's food, programming on CBS, tomato aspic, or Jerry Falwell." That's fookin' awful, and hell yeah, it was without mercy. Thanks to Tem42 for pointing that one out.

Killed: writeups by ometeotl, FishHead, and Jet-Poop in volcanoe. The first read: "The singular of volcanoes", the second read: "Actually, volcano", and the third read: "How Dan Quayle spells 'volcano'." I had mercy on the last 'cause it was soooo funny.

Killed: a writeup by Jet-Poop in--in a node whose name I am not allowed to say lest the Conspiracy hunt me down and lobotomize me (Too late!). It wasn't a bad writeup, so I used mercy--I've nuked so many of my own writeups with penalty that I've dropped all the way down to Level Seven! No, really!

Zapped Nodeshells: created through the everyone account by We-Really-Don't-Know-Who-For-Sure-But-We-Have-Our-Suspicions: DMan: Lynched as a scapegoat (yes, and fluffy pink gophers shine my shoes at night!). Also zapped Pseudo_Intellectual has nothing original to say, which was created back in the day when DMan made nodeshells under his own name.

More nodeshells kilt daid by me (sorry for all this irritating boldface type): by the mysterious everyone: Now that DMan is gone, Everything's problems will magically disappear, As DMan walks out of Everything, the sun shines upon Everything once again, DMan was nuked for the great communal cause, DMan and sensei: the sordid tale of betrayal, Now that DMan is gone, Everything will become the perfect liberal paradise, DMan is a tool, period., Saige is a tool, period., and pingouin is a tool, period. ... by yerricde: Team Jet-Shit, Jack Knowles, Edward K. French, and Todd Gallegos ... by locoluis: dem bones is a moron.