Deleted Users: All of the ones suggested in Lord Brawl's edlog from yesterday. And Mighty Lord, though I thank thee mightily for all your work tracking down those fled hosers, please oh please oh please, in the future, just ten to twelve at a time, not 60. My ears have bled so.

Zapped Nodeshells: several. Let's just say several and be done with it.

Killed: as requested by Lord Brawl, I got rid of tres equis, you suck for making all these empty nodes. No penalty for tres equis, no mercy for cantsin. Also deleted the nodeshell.

Movie Questions Cleared Up: It's: "Listen to them! Children of the night! What music they make!" (Gary Oldman's version: "Mmmmm, Listen, children of the night. What sweet music they make!") Also, I question how poor Lugosi's English really was. According to my sources (, of course), he'd lived in the United States for ten years before "Dracula" was filmed and had won wide acclaim for starring in the stage play for three years on Broadway. (And did you know he was one of the organizers of the Screen Actors' Guild?)

--Jet-Poop, world's foremost expert on monster movies, will be out of town 'til Sunday. Nuke stuff good and hard in my memory!