A children's game which is grand fun. To play, assemble a group of children (or Everythingians, but it's tough to play in the Chatterbox) and have them sit on the floor in a circle. One kid is selected to be "It" and he or she walks around the circle, touching each child on the head and saying "Duck."

This continues for as long as the sadistic toddler can draw out the suspense, at which point he touches someone on the head, says "Goose," and starts running. The Goose leaps to his or her feet and chases "It" around the circle. If the Goose can tag "It" before he can sit in the Goose's former spot, then "It" is out and has to sit in the middle of the circle. If "It" is able to make it around the circle and sit down without being tagged, the Goose becomes "It" and starts the cycle all over.

Eventually, only one kid will be left outside of the circle, and that kid is declared the winner. Hooray! Now who wants juice and cookies?