I rarely dream, and I ended up forgetting much of this one because my alarm clock went off, jarring me awake too suddenly. But I remember the important parts.

I was visiting my grandmother's house (and watching an episode of "Ally McBeal-- apparently, she'd unexpectedly filled out enough to resemble a real woman instead of a stick with lips). My little brother came over to visit, and we went out to sit in my car and talk. All of a sudden, it started to rain. In fact, it was raining so hard, you could see giant schools of fish swimming around outside!

After a while of enjoying this spectacle, I realized that I'd left my grandmother's screen door open, and there was a chance that some of this torrential rain could have gotten inside her house. So we ran for the house, dodging around scores of happy fish, half-expecting to find the whole house flooded, but when we got inside, everything was fine. What a relief! Grandma would've been so angry to find a school of tuna swimming in her linen closet!

Then the phone rang, resolved itself into the alarm clock, and I had to get up.