Blenheim is a small town in Ontario with a population of about 4,800. It's located in south-central Chatham-Kent, near both Lake Erie and Rondeau Provincial Park. The town is also noted for excellent freshwater fishing.

The region began to be settled in the late 1700s, soon after the area was purchased from the Indians by the British. Thomas Talbot, a wealthy resident, set out to build roads in southwestern Ontario in 1800, though the project was put on hold during the War of 1812. Soon after the end of the war, settlers began to arrive, and Blenheim itself was founded between 1825 and 1850; it became an official town in 1885, though development of the town was slowed by its location in the middle of very dense forest. After the timber was adequately cleared around 1900, farming became the major factor in the town's economy, though an economic boom hit during Prohibition, when many residents got involved with rum-running.

In 1998, Blenheim and the rest of what used to be Kent County were amalgamated into the Municipality of Chatham-Kent.

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(I've never been to Blenheim. This writeup was part nodeshell challenge and part demonstration that even small towns are worthy of complete writeups.)