A groundbreaking comic book written and illustrated by Frank Miller. It is widely considered one of the two greatest comic book stories ever created (Alan Moore's "Watchmen" is the other).

It's been ten years (the story goes) since the Batman was last seen in Gotham City. Crime is rampant, and a gang of thugs called the Mutants are terrorizing the city. When the Dark Knight finally returns to Gotham's streets, he is greeted by an establishment that denounces him and praises his enemies, as well as a "rehabilitated" Two-Face, a "rehabilitated" Joker, the powerful leader of the Mutants, and finally, Superman, reduced to working for the government.

Miller's work reinvigorated the comics industry, DC Comics, and most significantly, the character of Batman. It is recommended reading for anyone who enjoys great literature, 'cause that's what this is.