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Firstly, I'm obviously a Christian. Secondly, I'm taken. Thirdly, I'm female and in College. My major is currently Anthropology, but I'm going to change it into Philosophy. I love my religion. I'm a Pentacostel (I haven't seen a correct spelling on it yet). I've been to Germany, a week with my boyfriend and my mom and step dad and his friends back in August of the year 2002. My step dad is a captain for USAirways. He has two Mercedes Benz. I grew attached to one of them. :-D I used to take Martial Arts. Got my black belt, then had to quit. I'm a freshman in college, Youngstown State University. Not bad of a college. My boyfriend, Lorenzo, will be joining me next semester (Fall 2003). I really want to get into the Religious aspects of Philosophy. Lorenzo will be a minister by the time he graduates College. He used to take Martial Arts, too. At a different place, of course. It will be our two year anniversery March 9 of this year (2003). I'm from Ohio. I can speak some German and Spanish. Lorenzo taught me how to speak some German. The only kind of music I truely love is Swing music, soothing music, hard rock, and Christian music (there are some good Christian singers out there, and I always thought that they were corny, but their getting better and better). I hate "Pop" music, it's all propaganda crap. Lorenzo and I are planning to marry within the next ten years; I'm excited.
My view with homosexuality: I don't approve of it. An Anthropologist's view of homosexuality would be that nobody would be able to procreate and then the human population (of that particular society) would die out in one generation. From a true Christian's view would be not to tolerate, and go by the honest TRUTH. God even said in Leviticus 18:22, 20:13; Genesis 19:4-5, 24-25; Romans 1:26-27; and 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 (the strongest point driven) that Homosexuality is dumb and pointless. If you want the quotes, just message me, I'll answer back, I promise.