I left high school when I was fifteen, with a diploma received after successful completion of my freshman year in college (a state law in PA). I had taken the whole curriculum in mathematics, science, english, and history as well as additional courses taken at Carnegie Mellon University. Got my 1580. I was the biggest nerd in school-- but I wasn't too much of a tool so it didn't matter so much.

So I moved out of my home in Pittsburgh at fifteen to go to Simon's Rock College of Bard in Massachusetts, a school designed specifically for younger college students, on a full academic scholarship.

Penn State and CMU also wanted me straight out of sophomore year. In fact, my older sister started CMU's Electrical and Computer Engineering program full time at 13. She went to Pittsburgh public schools just like SB5.

Don't just whine on everything2 about being too smart for high school. Do something about it. Go to college. Take courses. Get off your ass. Prove it.