Argued: March 31, 1976

Decided: July 2, 1976

In this case, the petitioner Troy Gregg, was charged with committing armed robbery and murder based on conclusive evidence that he killed and robbed two men. He was found guilty of two counts armed robbery and two counts murder.

When considering punishment the jury was told they could “award” a life imprisonment or death sentence. They could not award the death penalty without surmising the case met three qualifications:

  1. They found beyond a reasonable doubt that the murder was committed while in the midst of the commission of other capital felonies.
  2. That the murder was committed with the intentions of acquiring the victims’ car and money.
  3. That the murder was vile, inhuman, and that it involved the depravity of the mind of the criminal.

Upon review, the sentence of death was upheld. The decision was not mitigated by passion, prejudice, or other arbitrary factors where the evidence supports the jury’s decision.