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Damn, why do I get stuck with [Beverly Hillbillies Fan Club] all of the time?

Here's What I've Heard

[Everydevel] just made up this whole [story] about [Perl], [webserver|webservers], and [Project Blue Book|databases]. [Everything 2] is really produced by an [infinite number of monkeys] who quickly type out the [HTML] for requested pages. Ever notice the [site] will go away for a few [minute|minutes]? That is [feeding time].

[Nate] really doesn't [exist]. "[Napster of Puppets|Nate]" is actually an entire [race] of [super-intelligent] [microbes] from [Europa]. How did they get here? Ever heard of [Voyager 2], but I suppose that is another story. (Yes, I know Voyager 2 has been and will always be going away from our fair [Earth], but you'll never believe the stories I've heard about those [nuclear propulsion system|nuclear propulsion systems].)

[Everything 3]? You guessed it [GPL|owned], [put that in your crack pipe and smoke it|developed], and [telephone|operated] by [Napster|Metallica's lawyers]. (Better get rid of that [Britney Spears|Napster of Puppets].)