When merging, do not pass. Do not pass. This cannot be over-emphasized. Signal, slow down, move over, or stay put if you are in the static lane. Do not accelerate past drivers in the static lane if you are in the merging lane. Do not accelerate past drivers attempting to merge if you are in the static lane, unless you are sure that they should merge behind you due to speed differences.

Read the lane-control signs, fool. It is mathematically proveable that your ignoring the sign that says "LEFT LANE ENDS 500 FT" can delay some fifty cars behind you several minutes. Ever wonder why traffic is backed up at interchanges and when exiting towns in busy traffic? It's because idiots (possibly you) ignored the sign and failed to move over and remain with the flow of traffic. The real bottleneck occurs when several people have already done this, so the static lane is stopped or very slow. Idiots then change into the ending lane (blatantly ignoring the sign), accelerate to where the lane actually disappears, and join the line of other idiots waiting to get into the static lane. Your two seconds of driving at a fast 30 mph didn't help you; in fact, they delayed everyone else by almost a minute. When twenty idiots do this, we're all very late.

Do not stop at a light in the center lane and then suddenly decide you need to make a left turn. Everyone hates a sideways car in the middle of the road. Not only are you being laughed at, but other idiots will try to drive around you and could cause accidents. Proceed to the next turn bay and make a U-turn.

Yellow light means "STOP". Yellow arrow also means "STOP". Do not accelerate through yellow lights. Do not begin your turn when the arrow is yellow. The reasons should be obvious. If you cause an accident, you will be liable.

During periods of heavy traffic, do not proceed through an intersection unless there is room for your vehicle in the road past the intersection. Otherwise, the light will turn red, you will be stuck in the middle of the intersection, and the cross-traffic will be unable to move. You want to piss off other drivers? This is the sure-fire method.