Warning: Minor Spoilers

As much as I love Star Wars:Knights of the Old Republic 2. There is little doubt that towards the end the game starts to feel much less coherent and finished. This is not so much the fault of sloppyness on the part of the writers as it is the fault of a rush to get the game on the shelves.

It has become apparant that there are chunks of the game that have been cut out from the game yet are still included on the disk. You can find details on some of the missing content here


Content includes:
Scripts and sound files for your party that are supposed to come into play near the ending where they confront the final boss. This would have been a much more satisfying ending to them simply being forgotten and you going off to face the ultimate evil alone.

Some surprises from your party, includings some deaths and a confession of love. Also, extra dialogue that seems to be triggered if you have pushed them towards the dark side

The conclusion of the GOTO/remote face off that occurs in a cut scene towards the end but is left unresolved.

An important peice of information from Jedi Master Vash. That, if included, would have cleared up a major plot hole regarding your force bond with Kreia. Its actually quite staggering that this is left out.

An extremely funny line from HK-47 mocking your allies from the first game.

An entire level: The HK-50 droid factory.