Holy shit. Londons public transport system has just been crippled.

Multiple explosions aong a the metropolitan line apparantly, coupled with some explosions on buses. London transport is claiming its a power surge, but since when did we have electric buses?

Aldgate East. I was there last night, fuck fuck fuck.

Thoughts: This is the day after we get the olympics, and this happens?

20 fatalities so far, but that doesent seem much, if this is terrorism it seems more an attempt to cause panic than death.

For all the talk we hear about organised terrorist cells, terrorism doesent seem to be that hard. All you need are some explosives, and some people to take them somewhere. Or in the case of september the 11th, some pocket knives and some piloting skills. A lot of organisation, sure. But really its surprising this doesent happen more often.

So I guess we will be getting ID cards after all then.

I've just said how I was at aldgate east last night, but everyone I've spoken to has said something similar:"Fuck, thats how I get to work","Man,I go through there every day". As Londoners our transport system is our lifeblood. Its like the bomb went off on everyone's doorstep at once. "The best Londoners can do is not to travel" For how long?

I'm worried about my mum. She called me from a station in central as soon as she heard about the explosions so I know shes not on a train. But I'm worried that she will be hurt if there is a panic. Or worse, that the tube explosions were calculated to get people onto the buses. Nothing I can do right now but shit myself. Probably fine, the number of definite fatalities has dropped from 20 in initial reports to 2. (but speculation at this point is pretty pointless) Everyone else I thought to be around central has called me to say they are ok. Update I worry too much. Shes fine.

Tiefling says I'm glad you think 20 fatalities isn't much. shall I pass your remarks to the bereaved?

I did not mean "20 fatalities, but they're not important." of course they are important! I meant "20 fatalities, but that's not as high a number as I expected." They got us somewhere where we were horribly vulnerable and could have done as much damage as they desired. Consider if one of the bombs on the underground had been a chemical or biological weapon?