Citizens of Planet Earth, listen and pay heed to what I have to say.

The many governments, spread across the globe, teem with corruption and discontent.
Everyday, innocent citizens just like you are singled out
and made examples of by overrighteous officials.

Today, a relentless, unforgiving government will hunt an unknown number of suspected
terrorist organizations. A government that is completely satisfied with dropping their own bombs
in the name of what is right and just.

The time for Rebellion is upon us!
The time for Insurgence is now!

Why must we wait for revolutionary blood to be shed when a new,
working government could be created now and switched to later?
You must not sit idly by, and passing the responsibility to another is not an option.

Bury your prejudice, and drop the false pretense.
All humans live together on this spinning rock, and all humans die when their time comes.
Our time here is so full of strife and hardship, the need to cause more fear and anguish
is beyond my comprehension.

Personally, I'd like to get all the world leaders in the same room
and have them toke on a hookah for 30 minutes. After the marijuana induced
mindfuck, they can discuss how idiotic it is to hate each other over injustices
committed by generations long past.