In Aztec life, religion and religious beliefs were extremely important. Hundereds of gods and goddesses were worshipped, and each of them ruled over one or more aspects of human activity and nature. For example, there were many agricultural and corn / maize gods, because the Aztec culture was heavily reliant upon farming and the yield of good crops. My research into this subject has been difficult, but enjoyable, and I have included as many dieties as I could find. Im sure that, inevitably, there are many more that I have unfortunately missed. Please do not take this resource as being inexhaustable - as and when I discover more, I will update and include them in this writeup.

Aztec and related religions : Reference of Gods and Mythology

Ah Kinchil* - the sun god.
Ah Puch* - the god of death.
Ahau Chamahez* - a god of medicine.
Ahmakiq* - a god of agriculture, who 'locks up the wind when it threatens to destroy the crops'.
Akhushtal* - the goddess of childbirth.

Bacabs* - gods who stand at the four corners of the world and support the heavens.

Centeotl - the god of corn, son of Tlazolteotl and the husband of Xochiquetzal.
Chalchiuhtlicue - the goddess of running water and the sister of Tlaloc.
Chantico - the goddess of hearth fires and volcanoes.
Chicomecoatl - the goddess of corn and fertility.
Cihuacoatl - the goddess whose roars signalled war.
Cit Bolon Tum* - a god of medicine.

Ehecatl - the god of the wind.
Ekahau* - the god of travellers and merchants.

Huehueteotl - one of the dieties of the cult of fire. Also known as 'the old, old deity', and is one of the oldest gods in Meso-America.
Huitzilopochtli - the son of Coatlicue and a god of war and the sun.
Huixtocihuatl - the goddess of salt.

Itzpapalotl - a goddess of agriculture.
Ix Chel* - goddess of the moon.
Ixtab* - goddess of the hanged, who receives their souls into paradise.
Ixtlilton - the god of healing, feasting, and games.

Kan-u-Uayeyab* - the god that guarded cities.
Kinich Kakmo* - a sun god, symoblised by the Macaw.
Kisin* - an evil earthquake spirit that lives beneath the earth in Mitnal.
Kukucan* - the god of wind.

Macuilxochitl - the god of music and dance.
Mayahuel - a goddess of maguey.
Metztli - the moon god.
Mictlan - the underworld and final resting place for the souls of the dead, except for warriors and women who died in childbirth.
Mictlantecihuatl - the goddess of Mictlan and the dead. Wife of Mictlantecuhtli.
Mictlantecuhtli - the god of Mictlan and the dead. Husband to Mictlantecihuatl.
Mitnal* - the underworld hell, where 'the wicked are tortured'.

Nacon* - the god of war.

Ometecuhtli - the god of duality. Husband of Omecihuatl.
Omecihuatl - Wife of Ometecuhtli. Together they created 'all life in the world'.

Patecatl - the god of medicine.
Paynal - the messenger to Huitzilopochtli.

Quetzalcoati - the 'feathered serpent' god of the Aztecs and Toltecs.
Quetzalcoatl - in ancient Mexican mythology, the god of the air. Also referenced as the god of civilization and learning by the Indians of Central America. He is said to have predicted the coming of the Spaniards.

Teoyaomqui - the god of dead warriors.
Tezcatlipoca - the god of the night and sorcery. Characterised as the most powerful and supreme deity, and was associated with the notion of destiny.
Tlaloc - the great rain and fertility god. He lived in Tlalocan with Chicomecoatl.
Tlalocan - the earthly paradise of Tlaloc. Located 'in the East', the 'place of Light and Life' was where souls of those killed by lightning, dropsy, skin diseases, and sacrifices to Tlaloc finally came to rest.
Tlazolteotl - the goddess of licentiousness.
Tonacatecuhtli - the creator and provider of food.
Tonatiuh - said to be a sun god, the eagle, and the 'heavenly warrior'.
Tonantzin - meaning 'honourable grandmother'. One of the many names of the female earth-deity.

Xilonen - the goddess of young maize and a wife of Tezcatlipoca.
Xipe Totec - the god of seedtime.
Xiuhtecuhtle - god of springtime and regrowth.
Xochipilli - the god of feasting and young maize.

Yacatecuhtli - the god of merchant adventurers.
Yaxche* - the 'tree of heaven under which good souls rejoice'.
Yum Kaax* - the maize god.

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