I can never set foot in my local drugstore again!!!
I would like to think of myself as a sensitive and open-minded male. I have many female friends (just friends, nothing else, I'm a nice guy, I just tend to get along better with ladies). I was dubbed, by these friends, "Tampon Boy." As in, "Hey Tampon Boy! Go grab me some Kotex." You see, thinking I was just being nice and doing a favor, I ran out and got a friend of mine tampons when she needed them. This seemed to start a trend. Very soon after, all my female friends were sending me out on tampon runs!

Now, initially, I had no problem whatever with going and buying a good friend her tampons. Didn't think twice about it. I'm sure the store clerks didn't either. Perhaps they thought, "Must be for his mother," or something along those lines. But when you're going to the drugstore to buy tampons several times a week, people start to notice in a small town such as the one I lived in. I would walk in and I would see the clerks shooting each other knowing glances as if to say, "Oh, here comes TAMPON BOY!!!" As I made my purchases, I could feel the tension hanging in the air like a bitter sausage and I knew it was just a matter of time before one would finally break down, their curiosity reaching a pinnacle, and they would ask in front of the entire store, "What in the hell do you do with these???" I reached a point where I could not take this humiliation any longer and have since thrown down the gauntlet.
This is why I do not buy tampons.