Seven Steps to Sensational Smooching

With today's high standards in the dating world, a girl needs to know how to be a sensational smoocher. That's why GlitterNet's experts have compiled these seven suggestions that will make your boy drop and their boys drool.

· Pick the Right Time
Whether it's just a peck on the cheek or a colossal kiss, timing is everything. If possible, plan ahead. Make sure it's quiet and you're both comfortable. Kissing after you had tuna salad for lunch can be a disaster. It might be a good idea to keep some mints, gum or at least a tasty drink handy.

· Pick the Right Place
Where you kiss can be just as important as how you kiss. Make sure you have some privacy. You don't want someone walking in on you and surprising you during an intimate moment. You also don't want to gross out everyone standing near you in the movie ticket line. Make sure he's ready for the kiss. You don't want to surprise him with it and have him jump three feet away from you.

· Pick the Right Mood
A kiss must be romantic. There is no such thing as a meaningless kiss. Don't try to kiss during the bloodiest part of the movie or when he just found out he's failing History or while passing each other in the hall rushing to your next class. Be patient and wait for the right moment, like when you're walking together down the street and just by chance, your eyes meet - let him have it.

· Prepare Your Lips
Nobody likes fish lips or sandpaper lips. You must find something in between. Don't wear lipstick that tastes bad or that will rub off on him. Wear a little lip gloss, but not too much or you might slip and get his nose! Your lips need to be soft and smooth, but not soaked. Make sure that when you do kiss, your lips are relaxed, you don't want him to feel your teeth.

· Come Up for Air
While you're concentrating on kissing, don't forget about breathing! You don't want to pull away from him, gasping for air. Take your lips away slowly to give the both of you a chance to catch your breath and then dive back in.

· Eye Contact
Eye contact is of utmost importance to heighten and personalize the kissing experience. Look into his eyes whenever you can. The most important time for your eyes to meet is before the kiss. Let your eyes talk to each other and then move in. Look into his eyes every time you take a breather and also when you've finished. Don't keep your eyes open while kissing, though. That's just scary.

· All About Tongue
When deciding whether or not to use your tongue while kissing, there are many things to consider. First, how long have you known him? You should know your boy fairly well and for some time before you even think about introducing any tongue into your kisses. Second, how many times have you kissed? Unless you really trust and know the person, anything much more than a little smooch should be out of the question. You should also get a feel for how he kisses before going further. Third, are you comfortable? You should only use your tongue if you are completely comfortable with him. If you are even a little bit nervous about it, that could be a sign that you're not ready. If he tries to use his tongue first, and you don't feel ready, you must let him know right away. Don't be embarrassed to tell him, don't be afraid he won't like you and NEVER let him push you. If you're not ready and he doesn't like it, that's his problem. Stand your ground!

The biggest tips that we can give you are to go at your own pace, don't just kiss with your mouth kiss with your mind, and above everything else, don't forget to enjoy yourself!