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Military history and longarms
If any, "Endeavor to persevere." No, it doesn't make any sense. But then, it isn't supposed to. that's the point. I have a taste for irony.
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Naturalized citizen of the great State/Republic of Texas!

I am a disabled vet now retired thereby from being a machinist.

I hold a long time interest in military history especially American Military history from the Am Revolution through WWII. I have long held a fascination with the War Between the States- I had to correct my history teacher in high school (I used plenty of reference material!) and was a reenactor with Co.A 5th Texas Volunteer Infantry of Lee's Army of Northern Virginia during the 125th anniversary. Taking part in an 'attack' of 8,000 uniformed Confederate soldiers preceded by a barrage of 100 guns (cannon) was an experience I will never forget.
I was "killed" at the 2nd day of Gettysburg. A cardboard fragment from aerial pyrotechnics thumped me right on top front of my hat. No harm done of course but, the realization that had that been real, I would have died before I knew it was a most sobering thought and helped bring home just what it was we were commemorating.

I enjoy modeling and am am amateur RC model flyer.

I am also an avid collector of military weapons and my interest in Yugoslav 20th century Mausers in particular led me to a limited amount of writing. I have written with other authors as well being published in a couple periodicals. I also helped proofread Branko Bogdanovics "Serbian & Yugoslav Mauser Rifles" which led to a friendship and shared article with that noted European author. I also worked with him on editing the 5th Edition of the Military Mauser Rifles of the World. I am also a member of some collecting forums being a Moderator on one.

This last interest in particular is what brought me here. There is on this site a report on the Model 1924 Mauser rifle that is particularly flawed containing many errors. Had it been written earlier it might have been more understandable. But, it was written in 2011 and there are numerous reference works available containing more accurate information. Actually, the article on M1924 rifles in Wikipedia is actually more accurate.
So I will attempt to present a more accurate and up to date report on this fine weapon.
The rest of my time is given over gladly to my family of wife and 3 sons.