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Pennsylvania State University Telecommunications graduate, also unemployed and living off of random computer servicing jobs at $30 an hour. Life is good, now if it were only cheap!

Who am I? well who the hell are you! No, really, I'm just your average joe six pack with a degree and a love for everything tech... and the non-selfcentered hotties at the bar down the street (is that an oxymoron?). I plan to be skiing/snowboarding in the winter if I can scrap together some cash and friends who want to go and I just gave up mountain biking for at least a few weeks due to a bad sprained ankle. My parents are haggling me about getting a job, and I always respond with a one line e-mail "WorldComm filed for chapter 11." Maybe I should simplify it a bit more, something like "The job market sucks right now, I would need to get a Ph.D. to get a job a McDonalds at this point."

Any way, I'm around, and if I'm not, I will be.