A potent defensive move in Pokemon. In short, Double Team increases the evade of the creature using it. Multiple mirror images of the creature are created, decreasing the opponent's chance to successfully strike the real defending creature.

After the maximum six uses of the move, the opponent will have extreme difficulty picking the correct creature from the multitude of illusory ones, giving it a horrendously low chance to hit.

Combined with the attack power increasing move Swords Dance and the HP-regenerating status-clearing Rest, this move is seriously, seriously beardy. Since the creature has a minute percentage chance of actually being struck by most moves, they are able to repeatedly attack, regenerate or apply huge numbers of powerups in relative safety. Most Pokemon tourneys impose strict limits on the number of creatures in a team who can be afforded this ability, usually only one or two.

The ability, however, is not without its weaknesses. The medium-powered Swift attack can still hit the Double Teaming creature, assuming it's not a Ghost type who are immune to Normal type attacks. Additionally, many creatures are unable to last the requisite six rounds of charging up that are needed to give this ability its maximum effect.