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My name is DSP1 (OCAC/AW) J. "Javi" Chimera.
I suppose it is a little weird to have someone just drop rank on you like that but it is better than my pants in a way. My creche dropped me at an orphanage when they couldn't get a permanent pad for me. Joined the Nav, been doing that since then.
I'm one of about fifty or so female Drop Ship Flight Pilots on Thatcher right now. Five thousand Marines, two hundred pilots. At least the dee dees are mostly women here. Captain is a real prick patriarch though.

I found this, E2 that is, the last time we made fall on Earth. Had to get my IFES fixed. Hospital had a term I could stare at while I was waiting for my appointment, looking for something else and stumbled in here.

Anyway we're back on Thatcher now and it's a lot easier to read than to watch when you're banking on a thirty second lag rounding Phobos.
Thanks for arking all the code here too, I wasn't too sure what you were using and it was raxing my pad pretty good.

Is the Chatterbox EDB AMI? Cute trick. Kind of passe to set the clock back too isn't it? I mean you went for that whole retro dead tech turn of the millenium thing but setting the dates all wrong? Interesting.
I'll be writing soon. Not much else to do in transit.

And yes, my real first name is actually Javelina. All I have to say about that is this is why you don't let six year old children with an encyclopedia, a fetish for extinct animals and mild Asperger's name themselves.

Yeah. Where I've been so far:
-Phobos/Deimos (There for both the Karma and Oxygen revolts. They're a much bigger hole than the brochures make them out.)
-Mars (Colony support, mostly log runs for the Phobos and Deimos campaigns.)
-Europa (There really isn't ANYTHING there.)
-Moon (Who hasn't?)
-I did a stint in the Belt beyond Neptune playing PATRON for about six months. (Ever been on your period in null gee? It sucks, trust me on this.)
-Chernyenko U.N. Weapons Station.
-I made it to the Oort once while I was out there during the Charon Medivac and on a spot leave.

About it for now.