With any established community that is open to anyone and everyone who wants to join it, there eventually comes along someone who likes the game, but doesn't want to play by the rules that everyone else is using. They break common social taboos, they tell everyone that they're either l33t or l4m3, they do a host of bothersome things, in the process generally tending to make a nuisance out of themselves in the process.

Among groups of writers, they write stories that make use of violently lame plot devices and poor characterization. Among the members of a gaming clan, they play badly and/or insult everyone that dares to challenge them. Among Everythingians, they node obscene titles and node them poorly.

Generally, these types of newbies fall into one of two categories- those that learn from the people (im)patiently disapproving of their output and improve themselves to the standards of the community, and those that, having grown disenheartened from the almost universal disapproval, remove themselves from the community.