One of the three Pattern Spheres in Mage the Ascension (along with Matter and Forces), the Sphere of Life allows a mage to fiddle with living creatures. Those with this skill are usually well-respected members of a chantry, because not only can they use their skill to inflict paralysis and other, more dangerous injuries upon their enemies, they are also capable of rebuilding and healing the damaged Patterns of their friends.

Basic levels in this Sphere allow one to observe the patterns of other creatures and to change said patterns when they belong to simple creatures- allowing a Dreamspeaker to make holly berries non-poisonous, or permitting one of the Sons of Ether to induce a silkworm to grow three feet long with growth additives- while Masters of this Sphere can turn vampires into lawn chairs (with a conjunctional Matter effect), change themselves into trees and tigers, and even bring inanimate objects to conscious awareness.

The Verbena are the masters of this Sphere.