The fourth iteration of the base set of the Legend of the Five Rings CCG. Jade Edition was set to be the starting point of the Hidden Emperor story arc, and incorporated a number of changes of the character set- mostly invoked in the previous expansions Time of the Void, Crimson and Jade, and Scorpion Clan Coup. With Jade Edition came the creation of the Jade Bug and the concept of Strict Jade play: much like the Type II tournaments of Magic: the Gathering, players could now be restricted by tournament decree to use only cards with the Jade Bug printed on them.

Jade Edition begins two years after the events chronicled in the Time of the Void set. Fu Leng is dead. Toturi has ascended to the Jade Throne, and has ruled a peaceful Rokugan for two years: but everything changes abruptly and suddenly when the Emperor is suddenly found missing. Almost instantly, the Scorpion Clan is blamed for the deed; despite their protests of innocence, they are sentenced to exile from Rokugan for their heinous crime by the Emerald Champion- and, interestingly enough, the Scorpion comply just long enough to install their agents into the Empire. The Phoenix Clan is still rebuilding from the catastrophe of losing the entirety of the Council of Five Masters, and is being lead by Shiba Tsukune in the interim. The Lion Clan and the Crab Clan are still rebuilding from their losses against the Shadowlands Horde, and the Shadowlands Horde is milling about, merely eating at itself while powerful oni overlords battle for the right to lead. Only the Unicorn and the Crane are in any position to lead, but they are full of their own concerns...

Game-wise, the story concerns mean that some Clans were severely limited for their performance in the previous tournament scene. The Scorpion and Phoenix played mostly control decks, and the Personality Base for both clans was gutted: either Clan only had a few Personalities. Similarly, the Lion, famed for speed military, were hamstrung. The Dragon Clan, Toturi's Army, the Brotherhood of Shinsei, the Shadowlands Horde, and Yoritomo's Alliance were never big players, and the cut-back just put another damper on their power. The end result? Crane and Unicorn clans took an early lead in the tournament scene, making the first few story tournaments their own.

Jade Edition came packed with all twelve factions available at the time, packed in randomized decks of sixty cards plus a Stronghold and twenty glass beads colorized per the Clan. Booster packs came fifteen cards apiece.