Does anyone else dream in the third person? It was evening, and I was strolling around one of the many small residential streets that are in my hometown with Ev and Nichols. We were discussing how in the future that Nichols and I were destined to war against one another. It seemed silly at the time to all of us, but it also had that fatalistic ring- that it was inescapable fate.

Ev noted that he wanted to conduct another experiment, and instructed Nichols to grab me. I ran, giggling, not sure what he meant until they caught up with me in my neighbor's backyard. When we reunited, Ev announced he was going to investigate the future, and instructed both Nichols and myself to stand back-to-back and link elbows. We did so, and Nichols leaned forward, hoisting me into the air- apparently an established method of time travel, as my body suddenly erupted with blue squiggly light and I vanished.

When I came to, I found myself in Nichols's bedroom- I knew it was so because he's the only one I know with the Time of Thin Blood book, displayed prominently in one of his dorm shelves- and then turned around to see his bed. Unsurprisingly, he was just rousing from consciousness, looking a bit older; surprisingly, he also had a girl sleeping beneath the sheets, too. When he came to, he instantly jumped on me verbally, demanding to know what the hell I was doing in there; I defended myself as best I could, trying not to make reference to the fact that I was time travelling. My time, so to speak, was apparently up, as I then suddenly found myself hurtling back through time and space.

The other two guys were there, looking at me expectantly. I said nothing, and linked elbows with Nichols once more to send him into the future.