So you want to destroy something beautiful?
The thoughts surface in your head.

How dare this thing be beautiful, when I'm so damn ugly.

You let the anger rise inside, like a demon spreading its wings and grinning all the while.
So you begin the destruction. Under your fists you feel it start to break, and you smile. When there is nothing left to destroy, you step back and look at your work. There it is, exactly how you wanted it. No longer beautiful.
But where is the satisfaction you had hoped for? You just stand there and stare, and you realise that where once was beauty is now just a reflection of your own ugliness. You feel regret, you try and make it beautiful like it once was. But no matter how much time you spend, it still just sits there, still just as ugly as you. It still just sits there, almost looking betrayed and confused by your actions. It still just sits there, and there is nothing you can do. What are you going to do now? Perhaps analyse the obvious metaphors? What a pathetic human being you are. You can't even like yourself, and now you are even more ugly than you were before.