A night of many firsts or Pipelinks are fun! or I plan to get downvoted.

All that knocking on wood and seeming inability to get sick have finally paid off as I currently seem to be developing my very first flu. It started as I was eating dinner at Famous Dave's in the Mall of America (for the very first time, and yes, it was delicious) with one of my friends; a slight uneasiness took over my stomach and I found myself unable to eat like I normally do. I tried heroically to finish my portion of the aptly named 'Feast for Two,' managing to pick slightly at a drumstick and put down a couple of ribs. Soon, the headache started, at the back of my head, pain throbbing intermittently (especially when my head went below my torso.) I ignored it, putting all of it off to the fact that I had consumed a large lunch not too long previous.

We finished up dinner, paid the check, and then walked over to the movie theater. Return of the King was the movie we had tickets to, so we strolled in and claimed some seats. The movie shortly began, and I tried to ignore my increasingly upset stomach. Matters were only made worse by the over-powering and nauseating smell of sausage and cheesy popcorn owned by the 40-something man sitting behind us. At this point, I thought to myself, "Self, this is why you hate the movie theater experience." (Of course, this was only exacerbated by the same man managing to loudly point out his predictions to every event milliseconds before things happened onscreen. Digression! Digression!) In any case, throughout the movie I found myself feeling increasingly cold and sick to my stomach, and slowly remembered the fact that my father also had the flu.

After I got home, I asked my father what his symptoms were. As I had not developed a sore throat, I was yet in the clear. My upset stomach cleared up rather quickly, but I was still left with my throbbing headache. I lay in my bed and read up on e2 for a bit, thinking that the worst was over.

It crept up on me, again. Slowly, I began to feel slightly chilly, something very foreign to me. It quickly became an absolute nightmare; nothing I could do would shake the miserable, miserable cold from my wretched body. I couldn't sleep, because the shivering just wouldn't allow it. One of my friends advised me to take some Advil, but I turned down the idea. I tend to shun medication for two reasons: that it (A) never seems to work on me, and (B) never manages to go down my throat.

Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. I HAD to have some Advil, if only to diminish the hammering in my head. I stumbled into the kitchen, poured myself some orange juice, and set about locating the bottle of Advil. I quickly located it and grabbed one orange pill, placing it on my tongue and swallowing it, all on the first try. In amazement at this new development, I quickly chalked it up to gained experience at college.

I staggered back to my room, slightly elated at my newfound ability to swallow pills. At first, I didn't notice anything... after all, medicine does take a while to have any effect. My head slowly began the inexorable journey to mere throbbing, instead of throbbing pain, and I began to feel somewhat comfortable. Lying down in bed, I slowly realized that, quite frankly, sleep wasn't going to happen, as I was still shivering with gusto. I bundled up as best I could, and warmth began to percolate throughout my body. I thought, albeit incorrectly, that sleep would be coming henceforth. However, I soon began to feel uncomfortably warm, and realized that there was going to be no happy medium, indeed, no comfortable sleep, and decided to just tough it out awake.

I no longer feel cold, or even chilly. Those feelings have been replaced by hellish warmth, the kind that causes one to sweat. Soon, this sweat will give way to me feeling cold again. Thus have I found a newfound wonderment of new experiences.