I enjoyed the hell out of the Stevens and Pruett show in high school. School would start at 7:30am, and everyone would be out in the parking lot at 7:25, car doors open, backpacks in hand, tuned to 101 - listening to the Uncle Waldo show. 101, and S&P, did a lot for the community, like sponsoring drives (Dogs on Hogs - a yearly Harley Davidson ride to raise money), The Steven and Pruett Ranch (where they took care of abused children and animals), and lots of other things. I used to see their booth at the Westheimer Arts Festival, and say hi. They were all-around good guys.

Eddie "The Boner" Sanchez carried that show. Sure, Stevens and Pruett were funny, but The Boner was usually the best source of comedy on the show. He was in charge of the sound FX, clips, and general coordination on the show.

Chuck Shramek, a UFO/Conspiracy freak, died of cancer not too long ago, and I was sad to see him go. What a depresser - the usual funny morning-show guys were all depressed and sounded like they wanted to cry, the day he died. That guy had internet accounts in about 10 different places.. my company bought 3 different (small) ISP's recently, and Chuck managed to have an account at each of them, as well as an account at my ISP, and accounts at the other two big ISP's in Houston. (I've got Admin friends at each of them. heh). He'd portray the news sorta like The Daily Show, or Craig Kilborne does.. news with a twist.

Locke Siebenhausen? Think of him as brain-damaged backup. He was the gofer for Stevens and Pruett, and although I think some of it was an act, he had to have been the stupidest person ever to be on the radio - and thats what made his part funny. Nothing more needs to be said about good ol' Siebenhausen.

Totally Naked Phone-Sex Traffic is probably the best way to get your traffic updates. I dont think it gets any better - you get the traffic, but spoken in a sexy voice, with whips and moaning. Thats just about as good as it gets. Elaine Closure does a great job with traffic. heheh.

Although 101 has fallen off a bit in popularity (now that Stevens is gone, retired from the business as a millionaire I guess), I still think it's a great station to get your classic rock from - and the traffic reports ain't bad. ;)

Ah, and my nickname 'round here is GrooveDog. Not 'cause I'm a 101 fanatic, but because, well.. thats another story. ;)