Nice guys finish last. A common myth. Many have the sentiment that nice guys finish last, due to personal experiences, but this is simply not true. It all depends on how you approach the issue.

Overly nice guys usually will finish last. The point to remember is that it is good to be nice, but not to an extreme. If you go to extremes with it, (some) women will take advantage of that, or find it a turn-off.

The key is to not be on the extreme end of being nice, or to work it to death. Those kinds of guys are viewed as 'pushovers', and women will see that as weak (besides, if you have to work at being nice, what exactly are you trying to be?) Women dont want a weak guy. Just keep in mind that its ok to be nice, but if you feel you are being taken advantage of, dont let it happen.

The idea of women wanting a 'wild' man seems to be a common theme. I think they just dont want a boring man. heh. I mean think about it; what makes you think a woman wants a boring man, any more than you want a boring woman? (for some reason, memories of the movie 'American Pie' pop into my head, reminding me of the 'band camp girl' hehe) Anyway.. the key to remember is, be nice when appropriate, dont be a pushover, dont be 'fake', be a little adventurous now and then, and dont be afraid to say no. Keep that in mind and you'll do reasonably well. It's worked quite well for me. =)