Return to nothing days (thing)

Days when you do, [figuratively] speaking, [nothing]. You get up, [meander] here and there, [half-heartedly] try to do something, and then get [halfway] before moving onto something [else]. [Concentration] is difficult to achieve, but then again so is [comfort]. Perhaps you will [brush your teeth], [wash your face], have a [shower] - sometime in the afternoon when you can be bothered. Maybe you will watch a little [TV]. It usually turns out to be a lot of tv. You are bound to make a [mess], everything you try to [tidy] ends up looking [worse]. You become [depressed] at your lack of [ambition], you decide to go out, but cant face the effort of pulling yourself [together] and so you slump even deeper into the [sofa]. You want to call your [friends], but realize you have nothing much to tell them, so even the phone feels like a [dead end].

You decide to make A [LIST].

The list will tell you what you [need] to do. You make it. It is long, around 23 items. Full of tasks ranging from the simple "Must go to [toilet.]" to "Find new [Job], and [Flat]" all of which you [earnestly] expect to complete by the end of the day. You start, do a couple of items, [get bored], and then throw the list aside. Now you are even more depressed. And [irritable]. In a fit of [pique] you quickly get a [shower], and get [dressed] and go to the [gym]. For some reason (probably [health] related) you decide not to take the [car] and walk to the gym. The sky is grey and cloudy, threatening to [rain] all over your unprotected [back]. You have forgotten your [umbrella]. Obviously. You reach the gym. It is closed. It won't be open for two days. Disheartened, and each step heavier than the last you start walking home. It starts to rain. Heavily. By the time you get in you are [soaked]. You change, wrap a towel around yourself and sit on the [sofa] watching TV. You are bored, and [ashamed] of wasting a day doing [nothing]. You comfort yourself with cocoa, and think even Nelson Mandela / Ghandi / Mother Teresa had days like this. Probably. [Dreamily] you head off to bed, knowing tomorrow will be better.