A memory palace is a mental technique for storing information for recall at a later date. It consists of a series of imagined rooms, perhaps in the pattern of a house or palace, that contain furniture and objects that represent the information required. The person who wished to remember a list of items would encode these items as images of objects and store these objects around the room in fixed locations. The person would then, at a later date walk through this room and recall each item as he viewed the objects in his minds eye.

This system is remarkably powerful.

It's only drawback is one of practice it must be constant, and vivid. Maintaining a palace is both mentally exhausting and exhilarating as the amount of data increases. Perhaps that last statement is more a reflection of just how out of training my own mind is, but I feel it would be true of most people. As an aside I have noticed side-effects to using this technique, my observational skills have increased, I feel much more confident, and my grades have improved quite considerably.

I would recommend it to anyone.