Were it that simple, I would have noded several personal experiences of the divine already. Unfortunately, these life changing experience often defy logic, for the simple reason that logic is inadequate to explain the reality of these deep siesmic shifts in our perceptual matrices. There is some personal wisdom to be used however, when dealing with these experiences. Most of these experiences happen just after a period of transition, are often possible internal absorption of the new values adopted during the transition period mentioned.

Also, inevitably, most of these experiences involve a shifting of already present internal symbolism. Unfortunately, this is a sign that the experience isn't really a divine one. The new juxtaposition of internal landscape is very different from the new symbols and ideas created in a divine experience. The two have very different flavours. One feels like a reformation, and enlightenment. This is great. The other feels like you have been touched by the Hand of God. THIS BLOWS great AWAY AND LEAVES ANY OTHER PERSONAL FEELINGS STANDING. Also one is often at a total loss to explain the experience to oneself, never mind another for several weeks or months afterwards. True divine experiences tend to go through rather intense private spells, and these change to more public spells as the language and personal imagery catches up to and integrates the entirely new knowledge. This is unfortunately lacking in the previous node.

The catholic church publishes some rather excellent pamphlets on religious experiences, and divine ones especially. So do Muslims, and Sikhs, and of course Hindus, and to a lesser extent, Buddhists. It is worth investigating these for the informational content, and also speaking to religious persons in these faiths as they often have fresh and piercing insights into what we know of the divine. Often the accounts are quite compelling.