The most universal disease, I think everyone has had it at some point or other in their lives, and if not then they really haven't lived. After all, the days hours are good for work, but the night is to play in.

Seriously though, I used to be an insomniac, and after four months of sleep lack, bags under my eyes, and just coming off my addiction to sleeping pills, I decided enough was enough, and to teach my body a lesson it would never forget. Please note that, if EVER you have any thoughts along the same lines, please stop and wash your mind out with minted soap. Trust me.

But anyway, I decided that I would stay awake as long as possible. No biggie, since my body didn't want to sleep nights anyway, I figured with a little caffiene boost I could stay awake 5 out of 6 nights, and hopefully rest okay on the last.

I managed 8 days.

By the end of it I was a gibbering wreck, hallucinations, lack of strength awareness, I didn't know how hard I was pushing or pulling, loss of balance, everything going grey, irritability, and the exhaustion, my lord I was tired, and when I finally gave in and collapsed, I slept for nearly two days and awoke feeling like the world was my friend. Since then I haven't really had any problems sleeping, I just have to nudge my mind back to that hell week, and all of a sudden I feel drowsy (yawn). I had better go, I feel all sleepy...