I am tired. As usual I am sleeping late. Unusually, however, I am leaving tomorrow for a business course. The first in my new line of work. I have also been offered some part time work to teach C, and C++ to people in Dundalk. Interesting, that my life becomes so much more complicated just when I thought I had it all sussed out. I need to have more simple things to do I think.

The world is getting me down, not because it is full of sad things, but because there are so many wonderful things I want to do and I don't have enough time to devote to. That is why I am so darned tired. I need to move away from here I think, the web that has grown around me is so complex now that even I don't understand it sometimes, people I haven't spoken to for years pop out at me from the street, beautiful people, who were with me in previous lives, their names forgotten, but their souls not. Do they have a place in my life? Must I re-arrange myself to fit them in, are there already too many pieces, or not enough? I care for them all, my sincerity hidden by years in this city, years of cold indifference, the realisation that if you care about someone, and show it, that they look at you strangely. Sometimes the working environment makes animals of us all, and I have resisted it before, many times, moved jobs many times. Have I found the right place now? I don't know. All I know is that I am leaving tomorrow, as is my brother, my friend Omar, and that life is going to change. I am tired now, and the bed is calling. Good night everyone. Read this for understanding at your peril. ;-)