The quiet places are almost gone now.

I drive around, and I find that the only place I can think without people chattering their inanities is there. Not that I don't value conversation, I do. I just wish it could be more than about pop groups, video games, and football.

So often I feel like the lost one, seeking silence while others are moving to the noisy lights, Kind of morbid when you think that that is what life mostly is, noise and lights, and I am moving towards something akin to death. But maybe not for me, for me the silence is room to think, room to reflect, and realize that while I experience, I yet live, and can make a difference. The car, being the only place where I can do this anymore becomes my refuge, the radio silenced by act of will, and the destination and movements programmed into the lower order functions of my brain. I have more than enough spare capacity (like everyone else I know) to drive and think at the same time. So now I think about the WTC, about the millions fleeing as refugees, terrorised by the thought of American war and torture, of the division and isolation of muslim countries, of money, and greed, and the part they play to rule over peoples lives. I think about my family, about my town, and my county, and I hope for a better future, and when I finally arrive home I think about tidying my room, but usually there I stop thinking, and sleep.