Sometimes you realize that you matter after all, or rather your innate will comes through in your life and suddenly the 'stuck' sense of daily life shifts and changes and you feel like things are moving again, and that you have purpose, meaning.

That happened to me today, I found myself walking into a mosque, almost totally empty, and I realised that I had to get things moving, something in my heart told me this, and I listened to it.

I met up with Azhar, quite by accident and together we walked through the local neighbourhoods in Belfast looking for muslims to invite to the meeting that I sort of had in mind at the time, and at the next prayer meeting we found a large number of young men willing and sitting in a circle, with an attentive look on their faces. I exhaled and started to speak, the words coming from somewhere deep in my mind and also touching my heart, and sometime halfway through my speaking I noticed that all the eyes were on me and I had their total undivided attention, in their eyes was a sense of recognition, and it was the good kind. The meeting went well and we finished quickly after decisions were taken. I left feeling more optimistic and so did the others.

It's odd how the smallest of things can change the atmosphere, and quite encouraging.