Religion is good.

Religion is good. The word "religion" comes from the latin root -lig- which mean to tie, as in ligament for example, re-lig- is the reflexive form of this verb, meaning to tie oneself back, I.E self restraint. The primary insight here is that people of an observably moral nature are often the ones who have discipline and avoid excess in action or thought. A life of pure indulgence without regard to cost, is one of the most common definitions of evil there is.

Please contrast this with people who are restrained by others, there is nothing moral about doing something that is perceived as good unless it comes from one's own character, and not to the dictates of some parental or outside authority based on fear or greed. This contrast is vital to a better understanding of the religious mind.

Most religions have some sort of ethical code, and or guiding principles that define a moral way of live, eg Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism etc... Often times these codes limit the persons actions to a degree that is unknown outside of the religious context, the idea is to turn the myopic, ameoba like existence of a person whose motives are purely based on self interest, and give it shape, structure, and strength by removing a large number of contradictory impulses and habits. The result is that characteristic certainty that religious people enjoy when observing and interacting with life, and that so irritates the rest of humanity. This certainty is based on the definite feeling of empowerment that comes from a life that now seems to have a focus, direction, and the answers to many of the questions that plague us ordinary folk.

"Dont ask the question if you weren't looking for an answer", is a mantra that is repeated by almost all cultures and religions in the world.

In fact if one views a person's lifestyle (religious or cultural) as an answer to the questions that each of us are asked by our inner selves, then we see that religion is inevitable, as these questions ask us to change our lives and remove those things that are not bringing us happiness.