long is the way and hard that out of hell leads up to light or so said milton and as i dragged myself out of bed with a splitting migraine tonight at 0011hr after having slept through most of the previous day I think i know what he meant. my throat was sore, my mouth felt like it had been used as a radioactive dumping site and i had aches and pains all over, but thankfully the horrible tension surrounding my head and chest had lessened and i could make my way to the bathroom to do those things which we all must do but really it is not worthwhile to discuss.

the living room was remarkably populated, my father on the sofa watching a pakistani music show, my sister working on her new pharmacy course on the computer and I with laptop under arm shakily made my way to the corner of the room. in a while mother came in and asked us if we wanted food. we got chicken and soup, an appropriate food for the quasi-flu like symptoms i was experiencing.