Well, I'm back. Truth be told I've been back for a week or so, trying to ease myself slowly into the whole e2 routine again, with some success. I feel a bit rusty, out of sorts, and more than a little detached. I needed Cletus to kick me out of it and give me something decent to write about. Coming back was a strange experience, especially not knowing what my reception was going to be like. I mean, I opened my Inbox and found 99 messages of support, and a bunch of Cool notifications, and loads of XP given me during my absence.

It was odd, but really touching. I have since sent replies to all of them, which took the better part of ten days, and been seeing which of my nodes got pruned. Quite a few as it happens, a lot of stuff surrounding the wake of Sept 11th got hit, and killed. I only wish I had been around to defend it, but that's life I suppose. I don't know whether I'll rewrite it, or it's equivalent yet, but I will think about it seriously. I was also touched quite deeply by Amnesiac's leaving in protest which I found out yesterday was prompted by my exile. I wrote back to him yesterday and asked him to return. I have yet to check my mail today and see if he will.

Today is 7 days after my 24th birthday (5th May) and 4 days before the birthday of the first girl I ever fell in love with, whose name is Anya.

Anyways, enough rambling. I'd better go. Take care all.