Live fast, die young, leave a good looking corpse. Preferably not your own. But then again, I have never drawn my pension, I wonder how it feels. Is that the moment you finally realize "I am old...."? I don't feel that yet, but when I look at kids, I do think "That was me not too long ago" I can feel my mind get older, I can sort of feel myself move on. I am not really afraid of the future as much as wondering what I am in the present. Today was a day of wasted opportunities, and I don't want there to me more like it. I saw a couple having lunch in the cafeteria, and the girl was someone I used to love, which struck a chord with me.

I was sitting chatting to a nice guy, a chinese friend of mine, who is thinking about coming to work in my company, but I am discouraging him. The company is small, and the work is much harder and less well paid than his at the moment. It is good to speak with him, time passes so quickly and we drift apart so easily.

Anyway, I must go. I have more new years resolutions to break. :-)