bah. she's not so slinky. but then again, she isn't devoid of the charm of the angels either. I could slide up to her and ask her to dance, but then again I could wait. it's not that important anyway, she's got the brown hair of all woman I am cursed to adore from afar, and in a few short weeks I'll be gone from here and in Munich to see some old friends. then i'll do us both a favour and forget. such a pretty girl too. it's such a trade fair, really, this whole emotion thing.

i mean when you think about it, loneliness is debt, or zero, and friends and lovers are assets. or some such nonsense. but it does work in a crazy sort of way. look, a bunch of buddies is good to keep the long weeks at bay, and provide stability, but then the quiet hours of night and day hours of work stand out, and you need a Relationship. This keeps those hours protected from the chasm of loneliness, that awaits. One great relationship is the ticket, but failing that several semi-decent one's will do. as long as you don't take them too seriously, otherwise you'll get depressed.

I AM NOT DEPRESSED. just quiet. learn the difference people.

I am of course in complete control of my destiny. two cheese and cress sandwiches please, and a slice of ice cream.

What do you mean you don't serve slices of ice cream?

The service is some places, sheesh. right. anyway. what I just said above is horse doo-doo ignore it. cos that is only the way it works if you're a sad and pathetic loser, as opposed to a complex and mature human being whose sensitive yet at the same time manly, in a cool and accessible kind of way. of course. friendships, and other human relations aren't about what you get out, or put in. it's about being, not trading. the chord that your two notes meet, it should sound good to both parties, that's what makes it or breaks it. and those people who are willing to fight for it. that too. it has to matter, otherwise, nothing is sacred. at all.