Sometimes your heart just wants to burst, and you wish you could scream so loud that the whole world could hear you. But you can't and those that can would desert you after hearing your pain, so you invert the scream and send it louder than ever into your own personal internal abyss.

Ah what puppets we are, little marionettes, moving, jerking about by the strings of interest. Our faces wooden, animated only in scenes involving deception of others. Ah to be good, and to consider others are good, what folly! What stupid naivete, that lets the evil in this world go unchecked. Knife against knife, fire against fire, and surely we would all have our revenge, the price being that we would live in hell.

Oh the trust is leaving me now, the faith in human nature, and my talking to them, taking part in their rituals, being dragged forward into the unknown into places I don't know and under strange lights I can't fully see. I don't trust myself to remain myself there, and I don't want to change into what I don't know.

We all of us comfort our own demons. They need us more than we need them.