I wake up, and am in my house in my neighbourhood.

Everything is orange, like when the lamposts are on at night, except it is daytime. The people in the neighbourhood are jealous of my father's new car, and I can see them getting angry and broody in the distance.

They mutter about me being muslim, and get very afraid of something.

I don't know what.

I notice that there are only two neighbours left in the street, and I go to try and ask them what is going on. I find that they are building a bonfire in the middle of the street between their houses, and are burning their furniture. When I ask why, they say it is because they don't want me to get a hold of it. I don't understand this, and tell them I don't want their furniture. They look at me with utter hatred, and inform me that its really because they are going to leave the neighbourhood.

The street feels like it is being evacuated, but I although I can sense the danger I can't see it. I try to persuade them to stay, but they finish burning their furniture and leave. The dream then ends, and I actually wake up.